MOLLE Velcro Panel Strips Bartact (Pat Pend)

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MOLLE Velcro Panel Strips Bartact (Pat Pend)

   Bartact Patent Pending MOLLE Strips with PALS webbing; quite possibly, the MOST VERSATILE and modular PALS/MOLLE Strap system ever developed.  These are one of the versions of our SEMA award as one of the best new products in 2015.

   MOLLE Strips are compatible with any loop area within your vehicle, and can simply be cut and burned with a lighter at the ends to fit any velcro loop area in your vehicle.  


   We use mil-spec 1" PALS webbing spaced 1.5" apart using Bar Tack stitches over a 2" wide laminated hook and loop platform.  Simply roll out Bartact MOLLE Strips over your desired area and cut to length.  

Then, just burn the end of the webbing to keep it from fraying over time.

Attach to seat, and you are done with that row...Move on to the next strip, and line up to the bottom of the row above (or top of the row below).  A 1" gap between rows of PALS webbing will automatically be created due to the extra 1" at the top to make your system multi-row MOLLE compatible!

   Add as many rows of Bartact MOLLE Strips as you want (or can fit!) and trim them to whatever length you'd like, in order to conform to the area you are covering.  You can create a panel to cover an entire hook/carpeted area, or just a partial area the size of your choosing.  You can even make angled cuts to form around seat latches and child seat safety latch locations.



   The MOLLE Strips are shown above on the rear bench of a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon with leather seats.  Depending on the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle, it could have a lot of areas to place MOLLE strips...or no areas at all.  The 2003-09 Dodge Ram, as an example, has areas in front of the front seats and console, behind the console, on the sides of the from seats, on the sides of the rear bench, and on the bottom of the rear bench.  

   If you think you have a Velcro or Hook compatible area in your vehicle, but you're not sure, simply take a velcro or other hook item such as a patch, or wire wrap and press it against the area you would like to cover.  If it sticks, you're good to go!


   Each MOLLE Strip is 2" tall.  Using this height measurement, it's pretty simple to figure out what size Bartact MOLLE Strip Roll you need by calculating the approximate area you wish to cover.  For example, if you want to utilize it on the back or bottom of a bench seat that has a large loop backing and you want to cover an area that is 36" wide x 12" tall, just multiply 36 (36") x 6 (2" tall strips on 12" height), which gives you a necessary length of 216" (18 ft).  It would also give you around 24 PALS loop sections across (depending on how closely you make the cuts to the bar tack stitches), and 6 rows of PALS webbing to attach anything from MOLLE pouches to first aid kits, tools, etc.


5 foot roll will cover 0.83 sq ft

10 foot roll will cover approximately 1.66 sq ft

20 foot roll will cover approximately 3.32 sq ft

***We always like to calculate in a little extra due to the fact that you may want to cut closely to a bar tack stitch on each end, so a 20 ft roll should work perfectly, and give you a little extra MOLLE Strip to use as you wish.


  MOLLE Strips can hold several pounds of weight upon the loop/carpet attached to and the weight can be determined by many factors.  

   For example, MOLLE Strips can be installed with the webbing at the top or the bottom of the strip.  By placing the webbing at the bottom, anything attached to the webbing would pull from the center of the MOLLe Strip, as opposed to the top.  Because Velcro and Hook/Loop has a very high sheer strength, MOLLE Strips are much stronger when used with the webbing at the bottom of the strip.  When weight is applied at the top of any Velcro or Hook/Loop, it can 'peel' back much more easily than when the weight is applied lower.   We actually used over 40 pounds of force on the red pouch in our photo above and the MOLLE Strips still held well.

   NOTE: Velcro & other Hook/Loop works much better when it is clean than when it's dusty or dirty.  Before applying MOLLE Strips (or any Hook to a loop material) please insure that both surfaces are as clean and free of dirt and debris as possible.  Doing so can literally add up to 80% more strength depending upon how dirty the material is prior to cleaning, and how clean it is afterwards.


   Additional options are coming!!!  

This is only the beginning for our patent pending MOLLE Strips.  We plan to add even more options in the next few months.  One of the other great things about the modularity of the MOLLE Strip system is that nothing is set in place and you can swap strips at any time to create the look you want and need...You can even move the strips to other areas, and cut them into shorter lengths for a different location later on if desired.

Thanks for checking out our new Bartact MOLLE Strips, and let us know how you use them!!!



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