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Air Lumbar support bladder - Bartact

Air Lumbar support bladder

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If you have any question or need help placing an order, Mitch, Matt or Sal will be glad to take your call at Phone: 951-319-4008.

Air Lumbar Support

The lumbar support is easy to inflate, and adjust accordingly.  All of our seat covers have pockets sewn in to accommodate the lumbar supports at any time.  Simply tighten the stainless knob on the pump ball, and loosen to deflate.  We even included a second hose clamp as a secondary locking feature to insure air doesn't leak from your support while it is filled with air.  Numerous strength tests have been conducted, including the final stage in which we had Matt jump on the filled bladder (which held up), before he proceeded to trip forward and nearly land flat on his face.  Matt is 230 pounds, and has recovered from his injuries. 

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