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We hope all of your families and friends are staying safe during the current quarantine and pandemic.  We originally designed Face Masks in February 2020 prior to the Coronavirus being seen in the U.S.  

This was an effort to keep our seamstresses employed from the safety of their homes in the event of a quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic similar to what had happened in China.  Low and behold, as we all know, the quarantine ended up happening.  Because we were able to send our employees home with machines, we did not have furloughs or lay-offs.  We even had our shipping manager take the cutting table and stack cutter, heat cutter and packaging equipment to cut elastic and fabric from his garage and deliver it to the different locations for production.

Since we first began, we have had other great partners join our crusade and they too have been able to retain their employees.  As of the beginning of May, we have manufactured millions of face masks right here in the United States, and our group has donated thousands of those to the heroes of this pandemic; doctors, nurses, law enforcement, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, firemen, and bankers, to name a few.

Thanks to all of our partners, we are now manufacturing over 3,000,000 masks per week, and are one of, if not THE largest manufacturer of cut and sewn face masks in the nation.  We do not make much per mask, and are proudly making less per mask than nearly anyone else, so as not to take advantage of others in this disastrous situation.  

We are also able to provide bulk face masks in line with the current Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) standards in quantities from 1,000-5,000,000 pieces at the most affordable prices you can find anywhere.  Please contact us for more information.

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