Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher - Amerex B385TS, 2.5lb Halotron 1 Extinguisher

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Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher - Amerex B385TS, 2.5lb Halotron 1 Extinguisher



We also sell this extinguisher with 2 different style roll bar holders on our website if you need the whole package.

Halotron™ I clean fire extinguishing agent discharges as a rapidly evaporating liquid, which is non-conductive, non-corrosive, and leaves behind no residue. Halotron™ I is the clean agent market leader with a history of successful real-world protection of valuable assets. From model scale aircraft to wide body commercial aircraft, from data centers to pharmaceutical and other industrial plants, the Halotron™ I agent has been used to extinguish the fire, limit damage and help reduce downtime that can be caused by other agents.
The Halotron™ I clean agent has been determined to be the most environmentally beneficial halocarbon agent on the market today that meets wide performance standards. The primary raw material in the agent is HCFC-123, which has an outstanding profile of near-zero ozone depleting potential (0.0098, CFC-11=1.0) and a low global warming potential (77, 100 yr. CO2 time horizon).
State of the art atmospheric modeling completed in 2009 describes the smaller environmental footprint than HFC-based agents available for portable extinguishers.Ideal applications for these extinguishers include: data centers, laboratories, manufacturing plants, general office areas, computer rooms, telecommunication facilities, clean rooms, control rooms, warehouses, military electronics, vehicles including classic autos, boats, engine compartments, aircraft ramps, onboard aircraft and in facilities that service aircraft and any facility where dry chemical extinguishers could cause unacceptable damage or contamination.
Fire Extinguisher orders only:

We cannot ship Fire Extinguishers outside of the Continental North America or any route that involves air transportation. All fire extinguisher orders must ship via ground transport. Pressurized extinguishers are considered hazardous materials and can not be shipped via the US.



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