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Bartact Leather Seat Covers to be introduced in 2021

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Bartact started because there were no true high quality seat covers for off road vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma, or Toyota 4Runner, and no covers tailored for storage capacity.  Pretty much everyone else used subpar materials like vinyl and neoprene for their seat covers, which both hold in heat & tear easily.  In addition, most seat covers out there are made overseas.  Since we started in 2011, we have proven that our Tactical fabric seat covers hold up longer, while offering more comfort and standard options than anyone else.

Sure, we could make regular vinyl seat covers without front zippered pockets, rear zippered pockets, PALS/MOLLE system, MOLLE pouches, and an internal lumbar pouch, for about $100 less per row than others manufacture them for, but for now, we choose to skip vinyl and neoprene, and only offer top of the line materials.  

Now, through a few years in trials, and in partnership with our friends in aviation, we are set to introduce the top of the line leather seat covers in 2021...not typical ones with 'cool' designs and poor leather, but REAL high end Nappa leather cowhide directly from Italy.  Trust will not find an aftermarket leather that this good from anyone else, and no leather like this is available standard on any vehicle under than $100k.  

What's even better about our leather seat covers?  You don't have to pay someone $500-1,000 to take off your OE covers and install ours.  Our leather covers slip over just like our Tactical fabric covers, so you can even remove them if you're heading out topless in the rain and/or mud, and the fit and finish is impeccable.

Sure, you can get CHEAPER seat covers...You can even get MORE EXPENSIVE Seat covers, but we GUARANTEE you can't get seat covers that measure up to ours.  Whether you're looking for the top of the line Tactical seat covers, or Real Nappa Leather seat covers, Bartact has you more than covered when it comes to the ultimate in Made in the USA comfort and durability.  


Years ago, we had the opportunity to take over an existing seat manufacturing shop that was ok, but it didn't have the quality we wanted.  While some of the employees were great, unfortunately, the skills (or desire) necessary to be consistent and to produce high end products didn't exist there.  Due to that, the only materials offered were vinyl, because even though vinyl isn't as good as fabric, the imperfections in patterning and sewing can be easily hidden since vinyl stretches quite a bit.  These can sometimes be seen as evident be excess thread showing around the curves and seat bolsters, and it's just a matter of time before they wear out.  When we realized it wasn't going to get any better, we left to develop our own skilled labor force with years of experienced high end tailors, and swore that we would never offer anything half-ass.  We immediately began to build what we still believe to be the highest quality cut and sewn automotive products available.  

Since we have always strived to be the best, we wanted to use materials that would hold up to the most brutal punishment anyone could throw at them from the very start.  We did just that, and Trek Armor Seat Covers, now, Bartact Seat Covers were born.  Every single seat cover is proudly Made in the USA.  Many have tried to copy us, but there are some reasons they don't, they can't, or they choose not to...

UNPARALLELED MATERIALS: Bartact fabric with high grade 1/4" foam & super sleek backing is the best in the industry, but it also comes at a lot higher cost.  We could make 'wavy' fabric seat covers with no backing that fade and don't protect your stock seats underneath with some of the same materials as the others for a lot less money than those guys charge, but we won't skimp on quality just to sell more of something.

UNMATCHED STANDARD OPTIONS:  Ever see a super inexpensive price on something, and by the time you're done adding options, the price skyrockets?  Yeah, us too...Bartact Tactical seat covers come standard with the PALS/MOLLE system with true Bar Tack sticking, MOLLE pouches, rear zippered pouches, front zippered pouches, & with internal lumbar pouches if you ever want to use an extra lumbar support.  If you add all of these options with someone else, it can cost upwards of $200 more per row just for the extras that come standard with us!  Now, we do offer a couple options that not everyone would want.  For example, we offer seat heaters and lumbar supports for those that don't already have them in their seats.  We also offer custom stitching and embroidery for an up-charge due to the extra labor involved.

UNRIVALED SEWING:  You may ask, "If Bartact seat covers are so good, why don't others make similar covers?"  They've tried.  It comes down to price and skill.  Others are so infatuated with profit margins that it's not worth it to them to add the extra backing to the seat cover fabric, or all of the extras we add at no additional charge.  Also, sewing tolerances on a fabric that doesn't stretch have to be spot on.  The reason many use neoprene and vinyl is definitely not because it's good material.  It's because both of those materials can stretch a lot, so inferior sewing isn't noticed a lot of times until the seat covers start to rip at the seams, fade, and fall apart over time.  There are also other fabric covers out there.  Go ahead and look at them online.  See all the waves in them?  That's because their patterns and/or sewing consistency isn't very good.  It's also because they spend less than half the price on fabric since they don't laminate a foam backing to the bottom side.  Our profit margin is much smaller than the other guys, but we are in this for the long haul, and want to continue to prove that Bartact is all about quality, not quantity.

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